We can't be friends

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  1. DonDueed

    Seems like Lady Val's last remark should be "Seems to me we can," or maybe "Seems to me we are."  But sometimes people say things that don't quite make perfect sense...

    Anyway, nice to see these updates!  I missed Ink Dolls during the long hiatus.

    • DonDueed

      Oops, I meant that to be "I say we can," etc.

      By the way, will you do something for Valentines Day Sex Drive next year?  THose are always fun.

      • Inkdolls

        Thanks, Don. That was bugging me. I left the "do" because the room was too tight, but I guess there's room for "can".

        Sorry about Ink Dolls not updating. I'm not sure about the Valentine's day thing. Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment.

  2. It's nice when the characters tell about dramatic experiences they had and these experiences contrast the eroticism the story is involved in.

    • Inkdolls

      Heh, what's life without some drama?

  3. Weiser

    Seems to me that Valerie Matagoz is the purer pirate.

    • Inkdolls

      Well, she isn't leading any attacks on passing ships, but her life is colorful as well.