Valery Matagoz (Lady Val)

Lady Val is a rich bored housewife with a relentless lust for adventure.

She came upon a secret that lets her go to places she could have never imagined.

The secret she uses for her own amusement should not be available to anyone, but she won't give it up for anything.

Ilory Dagnagan

Ilory is the daughter of a legendary barbarian lady warrior.

She will follow you to the Moon if there's a reward for you. You don't want her chasing you!

Her main goal in life is to find her long lost twin sister.

Lizel Dagnagan

Police officer.

She has an issue with how lenient her colleagues and the local authorites are with the caped vigilantes operating in the city.

Babet Minceslava, Princess

Smart and opinionated, Babet refuses to do many of the things that are expected of her.

A conspiracy is in place to stop her from becoming queen.

Ulandra Pastora, Pirate

Formerly an air force pilot with a strong sense of duty, she now commands a fierce pirate crew.

How could this happen?