Council meeting 1

I find applying modern perspectives to old fantasies quite ridiculous, yet here I am doing that exactly

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  1. Timothy

    Nobody likes a nitpicker but I do it anyway.
    Text box 2: let's say t... should be it
    Text box 3: advirsors... should be advisors
    Text box 4: would't... should be wouldn't

    • I do it all the time, proofreading high five!
      This is a good page! ^^ Nice to see things coming together.

      • Inkdolls

        Thanks, sometimes the writing takes some effort.

    • Inkdolls

      That doesn't make you a nitpicker, I appreciate that you point out my ugly typos so I can fix them. Thank you.

  2. jamie59

    Queens can have fun but what about an heir?

    • Inkdolls

      I guess anyone can have their fun, but queens have the most liberty. Just be careful, if you disappoint, your head could in danger.

      • Andrew Armstrong

        "Talking of axes..."

        • Inkdolls

          Better avoid sexy queens!