Hello, travelers

I am sorry about the bug that caused those page numbering errors. Some of you using the RSS feed may have received many fake notifications. And the few sites tracking my updates!

I have some bad news: I got a last minute announcement from my VPS provider that the Miami facility where all my sites are hosted is closing down on December 1st.

This means all my sites will probably go offline on that day. This is so sudden I didn't have any backup plan in place. Quickly finding a provider replacement is very hard. My software is a pain to set up and requires a VPS service that accepts forms of payment not widely supported.

But please keep an eye open and don't delete your feeds yet. I'll come back somehow.

10 replies to “Hello, travelers”

  1. Steve

    Love your work.  Hope you find a hosting solution soon!

    • Inkdolls

      Thanks, I'll be shopping around for a suitable host.

  2. Crap, your host is going down? That's awful. And with so little notice!!
    And it's harder and harder to find hosts nowadays that don't have a big laundry list of unacceptable content. Not surprised you're banned on comicfury (who, incidentally, went down today, though not all of their alternate-sites, only the main site, but that means their commenting system is down). Smackjeeves is moving toward a dumb uncustomizable social-media-fone model too so they're out.. Comicgenesis is still perfectly functional, though. Sure, they're being held up by toothpicks and like, one single admin, but it works! Comics are still up that were made decades ago.
    It's getting so scary now, the internet of the past is definitely going away, and new fake laws are being made every day that force them to delete all old records and logs. Makes it REALLY easy to change history that way.

    • Inkdolls

      Well, at least SJ still provides standard feeds. Sadly the newer walled garden sites get a lot of authors in search for an audience. Promoting a standalone site is now very hard.

  3. CyberSkull

    You may want to consider backing up to a service like comicfury.com.

    • Inkdolls


      I had a comic suspended there and couldn't log in last time I tried, so I'm maybe banned.

  4. Weiser

    Uh... it's in german, so you need a translator, but the prices seem 2b fine, compared to the Miami prices ...

    • Inkdolls

      Heh, that's expensive for me. I use low end VPS and has worked very well so far.

  5. Oh dear. Be safe, and if you can also find a way to keep your comics online somehow, that would be great.

    • Inkdolls

      Thanks, I'll try.