Bold and pretty

8 replies to “Bold and pretty”

  1. Weiser

    Sometimes it is better not to share those amazing gifts to the benefit of others. The precedence sucks in the harassing mob ...

    • Inkdolls

      Or if you do, make sure to have plenty.

  2. plymayer

    Now she has become the belle of the ball.

    • Inkdolls

      Everybody wants a bit of her magic now.

  3. Jamie59

    Val you need to go find some more Viagra. You could start a big blackmarket for it.

    • Inkdolls

      But getting hold of it may be a problem.

      Maybe she shouldn't have been so nice in the first place.

      • Might do better to plant maca

        • Inkdolls

          That's a good tip.