Masked clowns

Sorry for the delays, I've been working on two anthology submissions. I'm not feeling quite motivated to continue this as you may guess.

Mar and Sabina from Ink Dolls have been nagging a lot. They don't like being left abandoned.

7 replies to “Masked clowns”

  1. Weiser

    Oh and 100 pts extra for the truth about superheroes ...

  2. Weiser

    I cannot revive the motivation problem. I am totally hooked. Will Mrs Dagnagan (I suppose) become a pirate-chaser and fall back to her flying bike addiction or even become a pirate? And what about the twin sister's fate? This story contains so many opportunities!
    And yes - I think there seem to be links between her time-space-continuum and Sabina's.

    • Inkdolls

      Thank you very much.

      Yes, this can go down in quite a few ways. It's encouraging that you're "hooked" 😃.

  3. plymayer

    Nice car.   And view for the officers.

    • Inkdolls

      I love drawing little cars ever since I could hold a pencil. Especially made up ones.


  4. Jamie59

    Well Sabina would probable like the girls in this comic. Do what makes you happy. You'd never want to burn yourself out.

    • Inkdolls

      Yes, I have to think about that and do what I have fun doing.